Browser notifications have been activated!

Good morning everyone! When you visit my site from now, you will see a prompt to enable notifications in your browser for whenever a new repack is posted here.

This is the prompt you will see.

If you do not see the prompt, clear all cookies from this site. Ublock Origin will also block the prompt.

If you do not wish to see notifications at all, keep Ublock Origin enabled.

If you do wish to see notifications, briefly disable Ublock, reload the website and accept. Then you can re-enable Ublock origin. Other adblockers/popup blockers will probably require a similar step.

After clicking the green “Subscribe” button, accept the notification request at the top of your browser:

Accept the notification request.

Then to confirm you have enabled notifications, you will get a Welcome notification at the bottom of your screen. This is the last step!

Your first notification.

I would like to give a big thanks to Hermietkreeft for adding notification functionality, as well as quietly optimising this site to be lightning fast. Without him, this site would not exist!

Hello World!

Welcome to the Masquerade website, where I will post my repacks. Thank you for reading this small piece of text.

Please expect to see a lot more done in the way of construction here as time goes on!

If you haven’t yet joined the server, you can use this invite link: